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Welcome to our video TitleWave Training. To view you must have Windows Media Player 11. Please Click HERE to email Andy Meyers if you have any problems. If you need a copy of the TitleWave Job Aid (Manual) Click HERE

Session one: Logging in. Click HERE

Session two: Creating a new order. Click HERE

Session three: Prelim Worksheet: starting and entering legal desc. Click HERE

Session four: Prelim Worksheet: Vesting and Sch B-I. Click HERE

Session five: Prelim Worksheet: Sch B-II and Submitting. Click HERE

Session six: Prelim Worksheet: Making changes. Click HERE 

Session seven: Commitment: retrieving. Click HERE

Session eight: Commitment: requesing changes. Click HERE

Session nine: Final Cert: recording info. Click HERE

Session ten: Final Cert: insured docs, misc and request policy. Click HERE


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