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Fraud Busters Receive Rewards!

By Lisa A. Tyler
National Escrow Administrator

Welcome to the fourth edition of Fraud Insights, your key source for the latest news pertaining to fraud and forgery in the real estate industry.

A Texas closer recently received a $500 reward from the Company for taking extra steps to validate a power of attorney presented at closing. Not once, but twice, Vanessa McCann from Alamo Title used the Internet to verify notary information. She made contact with the notaries on both occasions and found the notary information as well as the signatures of the persons granting powers were actually forged. Get the details surrounding the events in this edition of Fraud Insights.

Also, discover how a purchaser in a transaction was able to produce falsified identification using the Internet. Yes, for the low, low price of $29.95, a purchaser using one of our Oregon offices admittedly produced falsified identification at signing.

Did you know that we have a Loss Mitigation and Prevention Team for internal acts of misappropriation? Learn more in this edition of Fraud Insights about what team members do and how and when to contact them.

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A special note to our agency managers and sales representatives … please feel free to redistribute this e-newsletter to your agents and their closers!

Caught in the Act!

An Alamo Title branch closer, Vanessa McCann, single-handedly caught sellers trying to use not one, but two forged powers of attorney!

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Fake IDs for $29.95

For the low, low price of $29.95 anyone can purchase fake identification over the Internet – but the penalties far outweigh the initial rewards.

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Loss Mitigation/Fraud Hotline

Every employee is required to report suspected fraud or wrongdoing to the Loss Mitigation and Prevention Team.

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