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Lump of Coal?
By Lisa A. Tyler
National Escrow Administrator
The criminals exposed in this month's edition of Fraud Insights are sure to get nothing more than a lump of coal this holiday season. But the employees who discovered their bad deeds are getting far more – a $1,000 reward!
The holiday season historically has an increase in the volume of scams, such as check fraud. Stay on your toes by learning about the latest trick – stealing checks, altering the check information and cashing the check. The details are laid out in "Check Washing Scare."
Have you ever seen a judgment in favor of a title company? Laurie Watts from our Baton Rouge office recently found one in her title report. Find out what the other title company had to say when she questioned them about the basis for the judgment in the story entitled, "We're All in This Together."
Find out what you can do to protect the Company from accepting another non-legitimate power of attorney by reading "Another Forged POA." The power of attorney is the most commonly forged document in our industry. Read how Rebecca Conrad from our Dallas operation detected one in a recent transaction.
Last, but certainly not least, we have developed an online tracking system for all completed escrow training hours! Commencing on January 2, 2008, all direct operation settlement employees will have access to view their accumulated training hours through the Company's intranet. Read all about it in "Our Gift to You."
We are looking forward to a better 2008 and want you to be more successful! Attend one of the 2008 Fantastic Escrow Training events in your area to obtain the latest information on closings in this market. To find the locations and dates scheduled for 2008, log onto Under Business Tools, select Training and then Training Events to view the Escrow Training Calendar. Happy holidays to all. See you in the New Year!
Check Washing Scare
Mailboxes were recently broken into in Las Vegas and residents there are discovering checks sent to them have been stolen, altered and cashed. One of those checks was issued by a Fidelity branch in Chester, Calif.
Our Gift to You
Commencing on January 2, 2008, all direct operation settlement employees will have access to their accumulated escrow training hours online and in real time through the Company's intranet.
We're All in This Together
Another title company files a judgment lien against parties who perpetrated a forgery that cost them thousands. That recorded judgment later saved our Company from making the same mistake.
Another Forged POA
You would think by now crooks would know better than to commit forgery through a power of attorney. Every underwriter in the industry views transactions involving powers of attorney as high risk. However, we receive multiple stories regarding forged power of attorney documents each month, and here is the latest.
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